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Building a business out of a Shopify store is more difficult and complicated than building the website itself, and that’s exactly where we step in. We are a specialized Shopify SEO Company dedicated to elevating your Shopify brand. 

Our goal is to optimize your Shopify store for top rankings and generate unique traffic that is easier to convert. As seasoned Shopify SEO Experts, we ensure that you reach your business goals efficiently and experience growth while effectively leaving your competitors behind.

What Makes Inbound Labs the Best Shopify SEO Company?

We’re Growth Oriented

As eCommerce businesses are getting more competitive, our role as a dedicated Shopify SEO agency is to ensure that you don’t lose your grip on growth by providing you with growth-oriented and custom Shopify SEO services and solutions.

Our Focus is always on Generating Revenue for Your Brand

With every incoming visitor to your online store, we are focused on helping you create and implement SEO strategies from the very first day that help you generate more revenue.

We offer a one-stop Tailored Solution for Your Shopify Store

Being a Shopify eCommerce SEO expert, we provide you with one-stop custom solutions to help you maintain the growth trajectory of your Shopify store.

How We Elevate Your Online Business as Your Dedicated Shopify SEO Company?

Technical Audit to Prepare Your Shopify Website for Search Engines

With the help of an in-depth technical audit, we help you prepare your Shopify store for search engines before it gets indexed. We make sure that your online store passes all the Technical SEO parameters provided by search engines with 100% accuracy.

a. Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization is crucial for any Shopify store where our focus as a Shopify SEO expert is to improve your website’s vitals. A faster Shopify store enhances the user experience and improves SEO, conversion rates, and business performance.

Here are some tips for optimizing the page speed of your Shopify store:

  • Choose a High-Performance Shopify Theme: Selecting a theme that is optimized for speed can significantly improve your online store’s performance. You should make sure to pick a theme that has a lightweight code, minimal design elements, and is mobile-friendly. If you haven’t picked a theme for your Shopify store, we will help you select a theme that fits all these criteria.
  • Use a CDN: A CDN helps distribute your online store’s content across multiple servers worldwide, reducing the distance between your website and the user, and resulting in faster page load times. We as your dedicated Shopify SEO agency can help you pick a CDN provider and help utilize it to deliver the data to your potential customers to improve their page experience.
  • Enable Lazy Loading: We would help you implement Lazy loading, a mechanism where images are only loaded when the user scrolls down to them. This helps reduce the initial page load time and significantly improves the potential customer’s page experience.
  • Use a Caching Mechanism: We would help you implement a caching mechanism that stores website data on the user’s device, reducing the number of requests made to the server and improving page load times. This helps us ensure that we improve customers’ page experience without increasing the load on the website’s server.
  • Optimize Your Website’s Code: As the best Shopify SEO company, our focus is on minimizing your Shopify store’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to reduce page load times.

b. Customize Robots.txt File

Robots.txt is an important part of your Shopify store’s crawling. Using the robots.txt file, we can specify search engine bots which pages of your online store to crawl.

By controlling the robots.txt file, we can control search engines’ access to your Shopify store’s information; thus, helping secure private information such as user profiles and the checkout page, etc.

c. Optimize Shopify Site Structure

Site Structure helps search engines understand the structural design of your Shopify store. Being a specialized Shopify SEO company, we have an in-depth understanding of how search engines use keywords to find within websites and the pages, and how each of the pages is ranked.

By implementing a simple yet effective website structure, we can help you improve the presentation of your Shopify store’ content to both search engines and users and pass the authority effectively to inner pages; thus, positively affecting the rankings of all the pages.

d. Implement Structured Data

Structured Data is a great way to stand out from the crowd and boost CTR using the existing information on a Shopify page.

e. Leverage Responsive Design Benefits

Responsive design is a key aspect of modern web design that ensures your Shopify store looks and functions well across different devices and screen sizes.

Leveraging responsive design benefits can greatly improve the performance and user experience of your Shopify store across all devices and can potentially increase your traffic, sales, and search engine rankings while proving to be cost-effective and competitive.

f. Remove Content Duplicity Issue

Shopify stores by default have a content duplicity issue, be it duplicated paginated URLs for collections or canonical product pages.

As your go-to Shopify SEO experts, we help you fix these issues with existing and every new content and ensure that your online store is 100% duplicity-free on its first crawl.

g. Setup Shopify SEO Apps

Being a Shopify SEO specialist, we have worked on hundreds of Shopify stores over the years and acquired a deep understanding of which Shopify Apps are best suitable and can help you effectively improve the performance of your eCommerce store.

We would help you set up various SEO Apps on your Shopify store, which not only would save you a lot of time but also save on costly membership fees.

Competitive Gap Assessment to Understand Competitors’ Strategies

Using Competitive Gap Assessment, we help you understand what your competitors are doing to generate such high rankings and traffic and prepare a Competitive SEO strategy that leverages the information gathered through Competitive Gap Assessment.

a. Figure Out Competitive Strategy

As the best Shopify SEO expert, we put our focus on analyzing the websites of your competitors who are ranking for the keywords you want to target by looking at factors, such as their page titles, meta descriptions, headers, and content.

This helps us identify SEO strategies they are using to rank for those keywords.

b. Assess Competitive Keywords

Assessing competitive keywords is important in developing a successful Shopify SEO strategy. The first step in assessing competitive keywords is to identify keywords that are relevant to your business and target audience. Use keyword research tools to generate a list of potential keywords that you can target.

Apart from that, our focus as a Shopify SEO company is to keep Keyword Difficulty in check, a measure of how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. Use a keyword difficulty tool to analyze the difficulty of each keyword on your list. You can then focus on the keywords with lower difficulty scores, as these are easier to rank for.

Long-tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases that have lower search volume but are easier to rank for. Focus on long-tail keywords as they can still bring in significant traffic and can help you build your authority in your niche.

c. Assess Competitors’ Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. By analyzing your competitors’ backlinks, we help identify potential link building opportunities for your Shopify store. We use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or SEMrush to identify the websites linking to your competitors.

On-Page Optimization to Improve Search Engine Visibility

As your dedicated Shopify SEO company, our goal is to ensure that every web page on your Shopify store is properly optimized and ready for search engines when it goes for indexing.

Using our advanced On-Page Optimization strategies, we help you boost your search engine rankings.

a. Keyword Discovery and Optimization

Keyword Discovery is an essential part of SEO to help you discover keywords that are more suitable for your Shopify store but less competitive as well.

Using our keyword discovery strategies, we help you discover the most effective keywords to help you rank in top positions easily. And, using these selected keywords, we then help you optimize your Shopify store to ensure you achieve the top positions.

b. Optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to Boost CTR and Rankings

Title tags and Meta Descriptions are the first hooks to grab the attention of your potential customers. We help you optimize your meta tags, especially Title Tag and Meta Descriptions for all your Shopify pages, and help increase Organic rankings and influence the number of clicks your pages get.

c. Build a Strong Internal Link Structure

Building a strong internal link structure helps improve your Shopify store’s visibility and user experience. Internal links are used to provide additional context and value to your Shopify content. Linking to relevant content on your website will help users find more information on a specific topic.

As an expert at Shopify Link Building, we employ advanced link building strategies and help create an internal link building structure based on leveraging your online store’s structure. Pages with high authority, such as your homepage or top-ranking pages, can help pass on authority to other pages on your site. Link from these pages to other important pages on your online store like product pages or category pages.

d. Image Optimization and Compression

Naturally, your Shopify store might have hundreds or possibly thousands of product images, which in fact, can slow down your website speed and decrease page experience.

Our team of experts helps you choose the optimal image resolution without reducing its effect and control its size to ensure that the image data size doesn’t increase the weight of your Shopify page.

e. Setup Separate Pages for Product Variants

Shopify has no efficient provision to handle product variants by default. Our team of Shopify SEO experts helps you set up multiple variants of your products based on product colors, sizes, materials, etc. Such variants naturally create duplicity issues.

We help you ensure that your potential customers can easily find these variants without having to deal with any duplicity issues.

f. URL Optimizing using Keywords

We help you optimize your product URL slugs using suitable keywords, which helps ensure that even your product page URLs are human-readable and can easily be understood in SERPs when ranked.

g. Leverage the Benefits of Product Reviews

Product reviews are a great tool to build trust and showcase your product value to your website visitors. As customers are more likely to trust the opinions of other customers, positive reviews can help build credibility and trust with potential customers.

Moreover, product reviews can also help improve search engine rankings. Reviews provide fresh and unique content that search engines can index, which can help increase visibility and traffic to your website.

Off-Page Optimization to Help Boost Authority

As a Shopify SEO Company, our team of experts ensures that your online store is recognized as an authoritative website to your target customer. We focus on managing your Shopify brand’s off-page presence and increasing authority over a period using our advanced Off-page and link building strategies.

a. Generate Inbound Links to Increase Authority

Our team of Link Building Experts helps you build backlinks from high-authority websites that are relevant to your target niche, ensuring every important page is presented as a high-authority source in SERPs and can rank in top positions for target keywords.

b. Content Marketing

Apart from our advanced link building methods, our team of Shopify SEO experts helps you market your Shopify store’s content and ensure that it reaches the right audience, resulting in increased conversions.

We help create authoritative content and help serve it to the right target audience to create the maximum impact, covering both the content for product pages and the blog posts.

Monthly Reporting

Apart from creating a Search-wide impact, we provide you with our in-depth report at the end of each month, which includes every update on your online store’s progress.

We include various metrics and KPIs to confirm the website growth, in an easily understandable manner.

a. Click-through Rate (CTR)

Our monthly reports include the impact on your Shopify store’s organic CTR (Click-through Rates), a metric that tells us what percentage of clicks we get from Organic Search traffic in comparison to the impressions and shows the growth on a month-on-month basis.

b. Conversion Rates

Our detailed monthly reports include month-on-month updates on increased conversion rates of your Shopify store, a metric that informs us as well as you about the percentage of quality traffic the website is generating and ensures that you are kept in light of the progress made.

c. Organic Traffic

Our monthly reports include the increase in website traffic and the traffic distribution of your top-ranking pages, to help you understand where we get our targeted traffic as well as help us understand the effectiveness of our SEO strategies.

d. Bounce Rate

Using our detailed monthly reports, we keep you updated on the bounce rate, a metric that tells us about the relevancy of all the Shopify pages in search rankings and the relevancy of the incoming traffic, especially the top-performing pages.

f. Sessions

Our monthly reports keep you informed on the page sessions, a metric that tells us about the journey of a website visitor once he or she visits a certain web page on your Shopify store.

By combining these Shopify SEO strategies, we work tirelessly to position your online store as a leader in its niche, driving organic traffic, and boosting revenue. As your dedicated Shopify SEO company, we’re committed to your success.

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